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Full service Or Tailor-Made?

For us, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing the raw vision of an app or a website coming to life. So, naturally we would love to accompany your project from start to finish and deliver your “baby” to the world. But we understand, not everyone wants the full package. So we let you decide which services you really need and which you’ve already covered.


Some clients book us for our industry knowledge and technical expertise. Some already have wireframes and designs and want us to transform them into cutting-edge code. Some just value the flexibility to book our services separately. To get you this amount of flexibility, we split up our development process into 3 phases which can be booked in total or individually.


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We have a proven track record in the Automotive, Health & Fitness, and Media & Publishing sectors, where we are regularly booked by blue-chip customers like Continental, Jaguar Land Rover, ProSiebenSat.1, Condé Nast, Bertelsmann, FUNKE MEDIENGRUPPE and many more.

Over the past years, we’ve built over 60 iOS and Android apps and countless websites for our clients and collected invaluable data and industry knowledge. We’re happy to share our knowledge with you and advise you on all key success drivers, from business model, onboarding flow, payment models, technical architecture, app store marketing etc.

Some of our industry insights we even publish in our blog. If you’re about to build a health and fitness app or website, read our Industry Report on Health and Fitness Apps.

As every client wants to know early on how much their app or website will cost, we created a free online cost calculator that gives you a rough cost estimation based on the number of screens and complexity of features.

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How Do We Work?

If you would like us to consult you on an app or web project, we will visit you for a 4-hour workshop to understand your idea, goal, business model and budget. In this initial meeting, we will define key screens and features of your app or website.

Within a week, we will work those screens and features into high quality wireframes and create a click dummy that will give you a first look and feel of your future “baby”. This click dummy is perfect to get feedback from your stakeholders and sharpen your product vision.

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After collecting the feedback from you and your stakeholders, we meet again in a 4-hour workshop, where we discuss changes and add missing screens. You’d be surprised how many views you “forgot” in the first run. Don’t worry, that’s totally normal. Every time we update the wireframes and click dummy, you get a rough estimation of what the current state of designs would cost you. Full cost transparency and no surprises in the end.

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You want your app design to be unique?

We want that too.

At the same time, it needs to meet the design principles of Apple and Google in order to not be rejected in the publishing process. We will help you master this balancing act.

A unique design doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch, sifting through thousands of colour palettes, shapes and fonts. We believe you can put your time and money to better use.


Our design process starts with a workshop where you and your stakeholders will be choosing your favourite design elements from our three design books. In these books, our designers created beautiful templates for all mobile design elements in different styles, colours and fonts. Choosing from this preselection will considerably shorten the design process and save you precious time and money.

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After the workshop, we pick up your selected design elements, check if they fit together, make necessary adjustments and create your first designs. We then invite you to our fun collaboration tool “Zeplin” where you can comment on the designs and we implement your suggestions within one or two days. We work closely together improving your design - and it will be fun doing so. Depending on how fast you make decisions - usually after four weeks - we will have your final designs ready to hand over to our developers for specification.

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In the specification process, we dissect your app into large chunks like onboarding, sign up, log in, main screen, article view etc, called Epics. These Epics, we dissect into smaller chunks called User Stories (your features). In each User Story, we need you to describe the actions your users should be able to accomplish. No worries, an experienced consultant will guide you through this process.

Now we estimate the complexity of each User Story and create a list of all user stories in order of their complexity - our so called Backlog. Now, it’s your turn to order and prioritize the User Stories according to their importance to you. The most important features aka “User Stories” come first. That’s the order in which we - or any other agency of your choosing - are going to build your app.


The Backlog: Order The Most Important Features

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Now we break down the stories into Sprints - 2-week-cycles where we work on a selected number of user stories. At the end of each sprint, we will send you a working version of your app or website with the bespoken features and you can play with it and give feedback. That’s the whole project planning we will do before the development starts.

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You can take our project backlog with its detailed sprint plans and user stories to any development team of your choice and they will be able to build your app or website. If you decide to stay with us - which we sincerely hope - now you will get a quote from us for the development phase.

We recommend building the most essential features first and as fast as possible (check the article on MVP to know why this makes sense), and start collecting user data early in the process. After two feature sprints (1 month), we will polish the app for 1 sprint (2 weeks) and show it to real users or at least to all your stakeholders and collect data and feedback from them.

After that, we will continue developing the app in an agile manner. That means, we implement the features from the backlog in the order and prioritisation we agreed upon together, and you will have a working app after each sprint every 2 weeks that you can show to your stakeholders or users.


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Some of our Clients

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Some of Our Projects

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