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Your company would like to build a new app or website. That's a big project that can be overwhelming or even a little intimidating at first. But it doesn't have to be. We have developed a simple 8-step process that allows any company to bring apps to the stores fast and with full budget control.



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2 Ways To Estimate Development Cost of Your App

"How much will my app cost?" This question concerns every company that wants to build a new app. The second question normally is: "How long does it take until my app is finished?

There is no overall answer to both questions. On the following page, however, we will show you two tried and tested methods how you can easily and reliably estimate the cost and development time of your app. For everyone who wants to know more, we have developed a free app cost calculator. Simply enter the known key data of your app such as platform, features and complexity, and we will calculate how much your app will cost you in just three minutes. 

We'll also introduce you to the most common app features and show you why "small features" can unexpectedly blow up your budget and how you can avoid that from the start.

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From Idea To App in 8 Simple Steps

What is actually happening in an app development project? In order to make the development steps transparent for everyone, we have divided our process into eight simple steps. Each step delivers visible results fast that enable companies to involve their customers, users and stakeholders early in the process and collect valuable feedback. Why is this important?

You probably know the digital wisdom "90% of all startups fail". We help you find out early and cost-effectively to which percentile your business idea belongs. Are you looking at the "next big thing" or should you adjust your strategy? 

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The Advantages of Scrum Projects

Software development is complex and full of dependencies. Changes in the backend may break something in the frontend , the project scope will probably change in the course of the project, and there are always things going wrong despite your best planning efforts. If you had planned your project from start to finish - classic waterfall style - you would have a problem now. Or as PriceWaterhouseCooper and Harvard Business Review put it: 

  • Only 2.5% of all classic IT projects are completed successfully.
  • Every IT project exceeds its budget by an average of 27%.
  • Every 6th IT project exceeds its cost by 200%.

That's why we work agile in all our projects according to the Scrum methodology.

On the following page you will learn,

  • where the most devastating pitfalls in software projects lie and how to avoid them.
  • how agile software projects according to Scrum work and what the terms sprints, dailies, demos, retros, user stories and backlog mean.
  • why Scrum projects are demonstrably more successful and even fun if you do them right,
  • and why CHANGE REQUESTS are FREE in our projects.

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Hosting and Maintenance: Some Cost Tipps and Tricks

Once your app is released, it needs two things to survive: The backend needs to be hosted and you need to maintain it properly. With experience from over 60 projects, we can help you predict the costs you'll most likely incur. 

The backend of your app runs on servers and these servers cost money. Gone are the days when you had to buy or rent your own hardware, when you had your own cost center and administrators to make sure your hardware was running properly. We host our apps in Google's cloud infrastructure (or if you force us to, Amazon ;-).

For four good reasons: 

  • Simplicity
  • Cost
  • Scalability and security
  • Free services

We'll show you,

  • how much buffer you should calculate for hosting and maintenance of your app to make sure that it will work successfully for years.
  • where you can reduce some of your hosting and maintenance cost.
  • how you can save 10,000 EUR by using the free services of Google's infrastructure.
  • the 9 most common reasons why apps die like a dried up plant after going live.

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