iOS Developer - 100% remote

We are looking for passionate iOS developers who have a strong sense of ownership and attention to details, ability to work in areas outside of their usual comfort zone and time-to-market focused. This position requires deep customer-focused thinking, strong communications skills, self-motivated, and the ability to work remotely.

Technical skills required

Required skills

  • 5 years coding experience
  • 3 years of mobile development in Swift
  • 3 apps worked in App Store or 1 own app from scratch
  • Exceptional self-learning and self-motivation capabilities
  • Networking, concurrency, GCD, GitHub.
  • Strong communication skills in English

Optional skills

  • Firebase, Crashlytics, iTunes Connect, Contentful, Jira, Bitrise, CD/CI, Fastlane, Slack, Zeplin
  • Cross-platform skills is a bonus
  • Sketch, Wireframes, Frameworks.
  • Experience with Swift design patterns, MVC, MVP, VIPER, MVVM.

What we offer

  • Work 100% remotely
  • A variety of long-term projects with national and international clients
  • Blue-chip customer base from the media, health and automotive industry
  • Initially a 6 month contract with high possibility of extension
  • CET working hours 09:00-18:00/40 weeks a year

What you need to apply

  • Please send your CV to tal.zion [at]
  • Include some code samples you are proud of and that we can have a look at
  • Include links to the apps you worked on
  • Your GitHub handle

The recruitment process

  1. Short introduction call with team lead followed by a technical test.
  2. Initial interview with the team lead to evaluate technical skills
  3. Software assignment to evaluate your coding, language and architecture skills
  4. Final interview with the team lead and managing director

Web Frontend Developer - 100% remote (f/m)

We are looking for a JavaScript Jedi! You will work in a cross functional team of Frontend, Backend, iOS and Android Developers, Quality Assurance Engineers and Project Managers. We are not offering this role to recruiters.

Technical skills required

  • Solid JavaScript skills, mostly ES6, creating & improving complex web applications
  • Modern JS libraries and frameworks, such as Vue.JS and Angular (1 - 5)
  • Interacting with REST API backends via Ajax or WebSockets
  • HTML 5, including HTML 5 APIs such as Local Storage & History
  • CSS3, including SASS preprocessor
  • Experience with responsive web design
  • Experience with package managers like npm and Bower, Build pipelines with webpack 
  • Git distributed version control
  • Familiar with tools & systems like Jira, GitHub, Toggle, etc.

What we offer

  • Work 100% remotely 
  • A variety of long term projects with national and international clients
  • Blue chip customer base from the media, health and automotive industry
  • Initially a 6 Month Contract with possibility of extension

The perfect candidate

  • Excellent English skills (verbal and written)
  • Highly self-motivated and goal-oriented professional
  • An outgoing personality with excellent communication skills
  • A min. of 20 hours, increasing to 40 hours per week after 3 months

What you need to apply

  • Please send your CV to
  • Include some work samples you are proud of and that we can have a look at
  • Your github handle (if you have one)

About us

stanwood is a design, development and publishing company focused on bringing apps to market fast since 2008. The company is based in Berlin, its team of over 40 developers, designers, quality assurance engineers and product managers operates remotely from all over Europe.

stanwood published its first mobile TV programme guide ON AIR back in 2009. Today, ON AIR is one of the most successful German mobile tv guides. Since then, Stanwood developed over 50 native iOS and Android apps for customers like ProSiebenSat.1, Condé Nast, Bertelsmann, Jaguar & Land Rover, etc. In 2015, the FUNKE Mediengruppe, Germany's third-largest magazine and newspaper publisher, acquired 33 percent of Stanwood. Since 2017, Stanwood is driving the mobile business of FUNKE Mediengruppe as a wholly owned subsidiary.

Our developer values

I Enthusiasm & personality

  • We are simply fun to work with
  • We are outgoing, confident, charming, helpful and honest.
  • We communicate openly and timely.
  • We are not shy, hide in slack or keep grudges.

II Time-to-market focus

  • We focus on shipping stuff to the client and his/her users.
  • We are super efficient.
  • We prefer building things over having meetings.

III App quality

We produce awesome user experiences.

  • Beautiful UI
  • Easy to use
  • Rock stable
  • Super fast

IV Strong Architecture

  • We standardize our architecture to enable fast project switching.
  • We actively propose changes to our standard architecture.

V Clean code

We write clean code.

  • Separation of Concerns
  • Dependency Injection
  • Single Responsibility Principle (but not strictly adhered to)
  • Testable Code
  • Short functions - start to finish should be visible on the screen
  • Clear and understandable naming